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Collagen and Healthy Aging: What’s the Connection?

Aging is a natural biological process that begins in early adulthood and continues throughout life. As we age, certain changes happen to the body, both internally and externally, which can impact the way we look and feel. Because collagen plays an important role in many of these changes, it is widely believed that supporting the body’s

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What Is the Best Way to Take Collagen?

If taking better care of your body (both inside and out) is among your 2020 health goals, chances are you may be considering adding collagen to your daily health and beauty regimen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and the main component of connective tissue. It is made up of key amino

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Where Does Collagen Come From?

Good nutrition is one of the simplest paths to a healthier body. However, even when we have the best intentions, many of us fall short when it comes to getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients we need from our daily diet. The truth is, Americans today are busier than ever, so much so

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Why Choose NeoCell Collagen?

When it comes to choosing the right collagen supplement to support healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints, we understand you have a lot of options. Some brands feature collagen products within a broader portfolio of dietary supplements, while others focus exclusively on collagen and its benefits. And some brands use only specific types of collagen in their

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Can Collagen Help Keep My Hair Looking Radiant?

When was the last time you really stopped to think about your hair? Not just to wash it or style it or toss it up because it’s in your face, but really think about it. Human hair is pretty extraordinary. Second only to bone marrow as the fastest-growing tissue, hair can be found on nearly every surface

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Benefits of Collagen Peptides for Healthy Skin Support

Your skin does a lot for your body. As the largest organ, it provides a barrier against heat, cold, moisture, germs, and environmental toxins. Its countless nerve endings allow you to sense the world around you. The skin produces important hormones your body needs to function optimally, and it provides a storage place for water and fat. It

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