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Collagen for a Cause: Vitamin Angels

Millions of children around the world are suffering from “hidden hunger,” a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when children consume enough calories to survive, but their diets lack the vitamins and minerals necessary to thrive. Vitamin Angels is combating hidden hunger by reaching pregnant women, new mothers and children under five with lifesaving life changing vitamins and minerals.

In 2011, after witnessing the impact of this great cause, NeoCell partnered with Vitamin Angels and has since

Helped Over


at-risk mothers and children get the essential their bodies need to survive, thrive, and reach their full potential,

But our work is not finished.

NeoCell believes that everyone should have access to good health. Our continued partnership with Vitamin Angels will only grow as we work to address this global health need.

Giving Back

NeoCell is fortunate to be able to give back to our communities through our ongoing work with Vitamin Angels, an organization which saves children's lives by providing essential micronutrients to infants and children in need. Vitamin Angels is committed to reducing child mortality by assuring the availability and use of essential nutrients, such as the critical Vitamin A to children under age five. According to Vitamin Angels, a single 25-cent donation is enough to provide one at-risk child with vitamin A, an intervention that can reduce child mortality by an average of 24%.


We are so proud to say that in 2011, NeoCell was able to donate over 30k dollars to Vitamin Angels, giving 120,000 kids the nutrients they need! We are ramping up to our 2012 promotion for them, and can't wait to see what we are able to contribute this year!

Our Commitment to the Environment

We share your concern for our natural resources and our environment. Through thoughtful choices, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. NeoCell is a family owned, family run company and understands the importance of leaving a clean, healthy world to our children. Consumer packaged goods are tough on the environment. Period. By using eco-responsible packaging made with 100% recycled Post Consumer Resin (PCR), we do our best to minimize waste. In fact, we are so conscious of the environment we've even won a prestigious award for it (see below)!


What is PCR?

All of our bottles are 100% Post Consumer Resin (PCR). When a plastic bottle is recycled it goes through an FDA approved sterilization process, and is then ground and re-compounded into pellets for use as PCR in our bottles. PCR packaging generates far fewer greenhouse gases, reduces reliance on petrochemicals and keeps plastic out of landfills and oceans. NeoCell’s switch to 100% PCR affects more than 1,000,000 products each year. Independent test results show that for every million bottles NeoCell goes through, the switch to 100% PCR will result in:
  • An annual energy savings of more than 450,000 kilowatt hours
  • A reduction of more than 45,000 kg of CO2 emissions; that’s the equivalent of more than 5,000 gallons of gasoline
  • Electrical savings equal to the average amount of electricity used by 44 homes in one year
  • More than 900,000 bottles that will be recycled instead of ending up in landfills

In 2012,  NeoCell was honored to be recognized nationally for their environmentally-friendly PCR packaging. The award is from the Responsible Packaging Project, a non-profit collaboration of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, Independent Natural Foods Retailers Association, National Cooperative Grocers Association, Organic Trade Association, United Natural Foods Inc. and Whole Foods Markets Green Mission. Only seven brands were selected for awards in 2012. “The Responsible Packaging Awards recognize brands that are taking responsibility for their product packaging by pursuing innovation, redesign, new material sourcing, collaboration, open dialogue with peers, and a pursuit of a zero waste future,” said Nate Schlachter, Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association. 

“At NeoCell, we put a premium on being a socially and environmentally conscious company,” said Jessica Mulligan, NeoCell Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our vision is that we’re all stewards of the planet with a shared responsibility to care for its people and resources.” For more information about the award, please visit the following websites. Responsible Packaging Awards Website Bloomberg Responsible Packaging Award Article

We ask that you thoughtfully recycle our bottles. This creates a second use for millions of plastic bottles annually that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Together we can create a more sustainable future.